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Thread: CPU temperature very dangerous??

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    CPU temperature very dangerous??

    Hi ppl!

    Here is my BIOS PChealth data:

    Current CPU Temperature: 44 / 111 F (sometimes 45)

    Current System Temperature: 36 / 95 F

    Vcc (V) 5.28 V

    Vcc3 (V) 3.28 V

    +12V (v) 12.42 V

    Vcore (v) 1.71 V

    I guess that my CPU fan is not working well its not normal these temperatures right??

    Without any Overclocking, its a PIII 800Hz, what should be a normal temperature for it?


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    According to the Intel Pentium III Processor Thermal Management website, your P3 has a max temp of 80 degrees celcius. So 45 degrees is not that bad.
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    The "Normal CPU Temp" may vary from mfg to mfg, especially with the new 64's coming out. However a rule of thumb is to alway keep it at least 20 degrees below the critical temp. I have 3 fans in my tower. One supply up front, one larger exhaust at the back of the box and of course the CPU Fan with a large heat sink. To keep the temps down you must have a real good air flow in and out. My P4 hangs around 42 because of the great air flow.

    Anyway, here's a chart I found for you that lists the critcal temps with various cpu's.

    AMD Athlon Series

    AMD Athlon (socket) upto 1Ghz 90C
    AMD Athlon (slot) all speeds 70C
    AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1.1Ghz+ 95C
    AMD Athlon MP 1.33Ghz+ 95C
    AMD Athlon XP 1.33Ghz+ 90C
    AMD Athlon XP T-Bred upto 2100+ 90C
    AMD Athlon XP T-Bred over 2100+ 85C
    AMD Athlon XP Barton 85C
    AMD Athlon 64 70C

    AMD Duron Series

    AMD Duron upto 1Ghz 90C
    AMD Duron 1Ghz+ 90C
    AMD Duron Applebred 85C

    AMD K6 Series
    AMD K6/K6-2/K6-III (All except below) 70C
    AMD K6-2/K6-III (model number ending in X) 65C
    AMD K6-2+/K6-III+ 85C

    Intel Pentium III Series

    Pentium III Slot 1 500-866Mhz 80C
    Pentium III Slot and socket 933Mhz 75C
    Pentium III Slot 1 1Ghz 60-70C depending on model
    Pentium III Slot 1 1.13Ghz 62C

    Intel Celeron Series

    Intel Celeron 266-433Mhz 85C
    Intel Celeron 466-533Mhz 70C
    Intel Celeron 566-600Mhz (Coppermine) 90C
    Intel Celeron 633-667Mhz 82C
    Intel Celeron 700Mhz+ 80C

    Intel Pentium II

    Pentium II 1st Generation 72-75C
    Pentium II 2nd Generation 266-333 65C
    Pentium II 350-400Mhz 75C
    Pentium II 450Mhz 70C


    You might be able to really narrow it down by entering the mfg and model of your cpu into google search. Because if you use the ole "critical minus 20", that provides quite the heat range on the PIII's. (42-60). But the cooler the better!

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    CXGJarrod's temp is right on the money.

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    I will put it to you from a somewhat different perspective, as you are using air cooling you are going to be interacting with the room (ambient) temperature.

    I generally look at the difference between the system temperature and the CPU temperature, yours is around 8C which is actually very good.

    If anything is running a bit hot it is the system.

    Look for an exhaust fan, they are flat devices that fit into one of the expansion slots at the back and evacuate 40-60cfm of air.

    Also make sure that there is plenty of space at the back of the box to allow air to circulate.

    What is your room temperature?


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    In my view, it's high but still very acceptable. My P4A 1.8 ranges between 30C to 35C. The temperature really depends where the PC is located physically in your house. My computer is in a basement where the normal temperature is between 20C to 24C all year long. I personally think that the temperature of a CPU should be not more that 20C more that room temperature and system board temperature more that 10C.
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    45 degrees C is fine, my p4 used to idle at 60 and max off at 75 using just air cooling.

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    Originally posted here by The3ntropy
    45 degrees C is fine, my p4 used to idle at 60 and max off at 75 using just air cooling.
    Holy ****! That is VERY high... Something was wrong with that setup... Unless it was a prescott of course... What was the ambient room temp? That is not a safe temp... 70 is the point you should NEVER go above, even if your proc is "able" to go more.. Unless you are OCing and know what you are doing.
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    Yea, I was referring to my current set up. It's a P4 M0 chip (gallatin core). It can handle the heat. It was heavily overclocked and still is. But even topping off at 75 I saw no problems due to heat. And prescott's don't run that hot either.

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