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    Like SUB7

    Love Backdoor Hacking ?!!!

    if you have some experience in hacking you probably heard of "SUB7", this program consists
    of a CLIENT program and a SERVER

    if you send the SERVER program to a computer it create a backdoor for the CLIENT to take control over the victim's machine,

    it is simply facinating, if you wondered how the programmer of "SUB7" wrote "SUB7",

    here is the source code of a very very similar program called "STORM"

    "STORM" is written in Microsoft Visual Basic and i found its source code and here i am giving it to you

    "STORM" contains most of the abilities of "SUB7",

    even better, here is the source code on my website :


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    Ummm... No?

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    Your site looks like crap.

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    Rachid Abdallah

    By promoting not only your own web site, but also the use of a variant/similitude of Sub7, your thread suggests illegal activities and sheds poor light upon all AO members.

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    Love Backdoor Hacking ?!!!
    Love being banned? There are actually quite a few people here who aren't scripts kiddies. To them, you are a fool. Give AO a break and go pitch this at blackcode.

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