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morganlefay: Sorry for confusion...I'm NOT talking about AutoArchive but rather the automatic compacting of "white space" in Outlook PST file.

This is a standalone home Outlook install which pulls down mail from POP server.

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Are you sure that Outlook 2002 actually has an autocompact feature.
Nihil: I'm not totally sure it does have one but this MS article and some other articles (dont have them handy) mentioned it.
Automatic compaction takes place as an idle task in the background. The following conditions must be true for this background task to take place:
* Outlook must be running.
*The computer must not be engaged in other CPU-intensive tasks such as copying or downloading files.
It also mentions that the file had to be a min of 16KB in size and there was at least 16KB of "white space" available. Not a problem, the PST I'm talking about is 40MB+.

So that would lend me to believe it does auto compact...sigh not clear! I hope it's not automatic, obviously. I guess I need to test it by creating a new PST, moving a bunch of messages into it, delete some, and then wait to see if it auto compacts. I was hoping to avoid this process and not sure if I'll test it properly.

Another article that talks about the auto compacting feature.
Outlook automatically compacts a .pst file when the file reaches a certain (but undocumented) size; however, for automatic compaction to occur, your PC must be completely idle.