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    WEB pros

    hi all,
    i am doing some research on some computer systems. and would like to know what you recommend for specs:
    this system will be used anywhere from web site development and advanced graphic editing...

    what kind of specs would you recommend.

    if you have any links please post them.

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    How advanced?
    advanced graphic editing...
    to the level you may need these


    now seriously.. I generaly recommend a Sweetspot machine ..that is where the Specs are 80% of the bleeding edge.. but cost a min of half of the wallet drain.. you may need to spend a bit more on the video card and ram (

    A Intel P4 2.8G or 3G CPU
    1024Gb ram
    80gb HDD min
    Video card.. min 128Mb ram (as for chips sets either are as good.. ATI 9600 or nVidia 5600/5800)
    and a good 21"LCD. monitor.. (honest though.. 19" CRT is cheaper..but LCD is easier on the eyes.. and a 17"lcd is the same viewable size as the 19" CRT)
    Make sure you have the good stuff in a good well airconditioned case


    BTW.. I did joke about the 21" LCD.. didn't correct when I changed the post to sensable
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    Does he really need the flat panel? Personally I see no reason to go the extra 700 for a flat screen 21" over a crt. CRT's have faster refresh rates, which doesn't affect graphics editing too much, but does effect games quite horribly. Space is the only reason I see to go with LCD's at this time.. Unless you just have money to spend, then it makes sense. I would rather save that 700 and get a 6800 or x800
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    Re: WEB pros

    Originally posted here by devildell
    this system will be used anywhere from web site development and advanced graphic editing...
    Indeed, how advanced? Any 3D rendering involved? Or just photoshop?

    If you want good quality graphics software and have the cash to spend go for a PowerMac/PowerBook.
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