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Thread: Save the ipod, betamax, and the VCR!!!

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    Save the ipod, betamax, and the VCR!!!

    RIAA and MPAA are lobbying to pass the INDUCE act which would outlaw these products: DVR's, TIVO, Betmax, CD burners, DVD burners, the VCR, the ipod, ALL MP3 PLAYERS, (possibly) windows media player, blank CD-R/R-Ws, DVD players and recorders, soe cmcorders, thinsg that copy tapes to dvds, KAZAA, GROCKSTER, BEARSHARE, EMULE, EDONKEY, L:IMEWIRE, SHAREAZAA, and any device that assists or COULD BE USED to violate copyright despite the fact the majority or its uses are legitinate. This is a load of bullshit, and if it happens the ipod will become illeagal.Stop the madness, goto savebetamax.org and sign up (they will email you a time to call specified senators and what to say). PLEASE, CALL-IN DAY IS TUESDAY!!! I call on all members of antionline to stand up for your rights. What if your music wasn't YOUR music anymore?
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    if this law passes.....the internet community is going to throw a royal fit...the RIAA and MPAA's servers will be own3d in mins if not less, metallica is gonna get hit some for being the first ones to sue napster *p.s. still a great band and from what ive heard they had a good cause*.......basicaly their will be an open revolt.....and if the legislative systems realizes this they wont let it pass.....

    but you can bet that if they do pass it...people will still use ipods, mp3 players, cd burners, dvd burners, tivos, p2p networks.......the govt doesnt have the man power to take all of the listed items away from the public.........if it passes it will be similiar to the alcohol ban's of the past.....they will see its pointless to try and bring it back
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    Where did you get this information from? I haven't seen this anywhere and I find it hard to believe that anyone would even try to make some of these things illegal.... VCR's, CD burners, WMP.... really.

    I would love to see a reputable source for this information.

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    Senior Member nihil's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
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    Well I take the more tolerant view that we should return to our former Puritan values.

    Ban all pop music and audio visual entertainment, then the brain dead sub-morons at the RIAA would all be on welfare....................not that they would get any

    I have always been consistent in my belief that the real solution from the entertainment industry's viewpoint is the suppression of PIRACY.

    Anyways, look at the boxes and figure out where all the stuff is made...............nice way to start a global confrontation IMHO..............the Chinese would be very amused I am sure.

    It won't go anywhere believe me.................rather like trying to "uninvent" weapons of mass destruction? Even more so as there are doubless more of the devices used legitimately than not.

    I call "scaremongering" on that one, they just couldn't be so stupid

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    San Diego
    I think it'sa bunch of bull. Unless you can provide a link to something concrete.
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    Apr 2004
    I love how the RIAA bitched and bitched about how downloading was the reason for the decline of cd sales, then they got downloading down by 1500%, and cd sales are still on the decline. My My what dumbasses are ye.

    Fact of the matter is modern music SUCKS! There is simply no way around that... Once the RIAA actually gets some decent artists playing for em, then cd sales might go back up. But not by me... I will download forever, unless I know for a fact that at least 25% of the money I pay for the cd is going to the ARTIST, and not 5%. I buy cds that my friends record all the time... 6 bucks or so for some high quality rock, burnt on a home burner, sold at school. Concerts and local bands cd's seem to be the only way to support the musicans you love nowadays... Damn the middle man I say!

    EDIT Muerto, it's not bull, it's ****ing orin hatch screwing the american people over AGAIN. He was a large supporter of the DMCA, which did nothing against main stream piracy as it was supposed to, and just ****ed the **** out of the average consumer. http://www.corante.com/importance/archives/INDUCE.html there's a copy of the bill. Read through and you will be able to discern why exactly the Ipod, betamax, vcr, dvd RW, CD RW, ALL p2p, etc will be GONE if this **** get's passed...

    Please excuse my language, but Hatch would be on top of my hitlist if I was a hitman... He just pissed me off and pushes my buttons. He's a retard who doesn't know WTF he is doing to tech... He needs to get a tech edgeamacation before he starts bitching about what needs to be fixed...
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    Luckily the RIAA has no authority over me what so ever and the BREIN (dutch riaa) has a bit more common sence then that..

    funny, does anyone remember RIAA standing for a type of correction filters on phono hardware ??
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    does anyone remember RIAA standing for a type of correction filters on phono hardware
    It is a series of standards for the design of filters.. that is the filter pattern not the components.. this Filter response pattern was to compensate for the deficiencies in the recording and playback process in various analogue media.. Records and tapes comming to mind..... and bla bla bla

    Hey I have a Turntable connected to one of my PC's, as well as 2 tape decks, a vcr, AM/FM reciever and a UHF/VHF/HF transciever .. so I am therefor a pirate..right?

    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me http://www.cybercrypt.co.nr

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    I wouldnt worry too much about this type of scare mongering. I can really see microsoft, Apple, Sony, to name but a few letting, a law like that go past. In any case a ban like that would only be usefull if it was global and I cant really see that happening.
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    It looks like there are some truths to what he is saying. There is a Induce Act.

    http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c108:S.2560: and http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d108:s.02560:

    However the key word was lobbying.

    RIAA and MPAA are lobbying to pass the INDUCE act which would outlaw these products
    This means that nothing has been passed. The bill is sponsored by Senator Hatch (Utah) who is a bit old (70 - http://hatch.senate.gov/index.cfm?Fu...Biography.Home) and might be a little out of touch with the world.
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