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Thread: 11 september 2001, pentagon

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    11 september 2001, pentagon

    hi all, i got this link mailed from a collegue of mine, perhaps you guys might find it interesting:


    you wonder if it is an airplane, or a missile.

    ps it takes about 20 minutes for the complete flash to end, but it is surely worth it...

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    I've moved this to Cosmos as I suspect this is a more appropriate place for it than GCC. The shockwave link didn't work but I wonder if it's the same one as is found here: http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=261794
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    please check that thread MsM gave you.

    In particular, take a look at the three film clips I posted, they show what happens when a big plane hits the deck, a small plane hits the deck and a guided AG weapon finds its target.

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