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    Folder Protection

    Hi, my school recently updated all it's computers to XP, and we now have alittle problem with individual folder protection. In my Comp. Sci. class we are using XP & Novell, which only grant access via user rights from what I've seen. This wouldn't be a problem generally, but we turn in our work to an FTP. Bascially, we need access to the FTP then only be able to access our individual folder within it; as to keep our work ours alone. The classroom uses a generic login for this classroom, so changing user rights is out. My teacher posed it to me to try and figure out a way to singularly password protect a folder, but that option seems to be non-existant anymore. I've been able to limit file and folder usages, but never individually password protect it. I'm not familiar with XP & never cared for it much anyway, so I could use a hand here.

    Is there any way to password protect a single folder in XP and/or Novell? Thanks
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    But if everyone uses the same user ID and password....whats the point??

    The only way to do this is having unique user IDs....
    Then give them or remove access based on that ID.

    This is not XP specific....even *NIX uses different user IDs

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    Re: Folder Protection

    Originally posted here by Evil Moo
    Bascially, we need access to the FTP then only be able to access our individual folder within it; as to keep our work ours alone.
    Ask for a different FTP user/password combination with only access to that perticular folder.

    On what OS is the FTP server running? What FTP server? Those are the only things that are important. The client OS is, in this case, irrelevant.
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    The point of having a password on a folder even if the class uses a generic user account, is exactly that; creates a private storage without assigning indivdual accounts and passwords to the to the three thousand high school students along with a personal designated server space. Not very secure, but the extent of most HS student's computer knowledge is minimal at best, so it works. I was 99% sure there was no way to do this on XP, but I figured checking here wouldn't hurt. Thanks for the quick feedback.
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    a question....do you login thru a command line or through a browser or prog?

    I know that you can make a simple batch file that logs when the file, that it is attached to, is clicked on. Maybe you can apply the same concept here! Make a prog in c++ or a language along that line that makes you sign in! Crackable but better than nothing<considering the time margin to make it>!

    just a thought

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