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Thread: Trojan horse

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    Trojan horse

    read the attachment, how do i get rid of it? and yes ive searched around.. no dice

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    turn off system restore run the scan again in safe mode then turn restore on after your sure its gone. because the restore files are protected no AV can touch them there
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    Here's a few tips from pestpatrol. They may help.


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    Disable the system restore service, then scan your system again.

    When you disable the system restore service, it will dump all system restore info...

    So you will not be able to do a "roll back" until you have another system checkpoint.

    If I were you I'd scan in safe mode just to be safe. (no pun intended).

    EDIT: Oops.. 2 seconds too late. They type faster than me..
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    That thread is dedicated to that problem !
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    thanks fellas.. not experienced with windows maintenance!

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