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Thread: clear the HP bios password

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    clear the HP bios password

    my computer is Hp VECTIA VE ,it is so old,long time ago, i set password for my bios,but now i don't rember,so i use the flowing method to clear the bios password:
    1)remove the battery of the CMOS,but the method not effect.
    2)use the DEBUG,the result is bad.
    so how can i do clear the bios password. i want to know the HP use what method to protect the bios.can you tell me,don.t tell me use the software in windows to read the password, i
    think it not effect.thank you.

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    You say that removing the CMOS battery didn't reset the password.

    How long did you leave it out of the MoBo for ?
    You need to leave it out till the ystem has bled down ALL potential.
    Allow a couple of minutes, don't just pull it, then refit it.

    Lenz's law does its thing to stop the system from draining out instantly.

    [edit] Ooops !
    As lepricaun says: Pull the AC cord out as well, or you'll be there for a month of Sundays waiting for the LED's to bleed down ............[/edit]
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    foxyloxley is right, it some times takes up to 1,5 hours for the bios password to be removed. you also need to make sure that in that time no power is connected to your computer, so pull out your A/C cable too...

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    could always pull the jumper off the motherboard that lets bios have a password. old techie trick that still works on some boxes. location of that jumper varies from Mobo to Mobo.
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    Is this a laptop we are talking about? if so it may be using an eprom chip to hold the password.

    If it is a desktop then |3lack|ce has a sure fire solution. On most motherboards the reset jumper is the one closest to the processor or centr and in some cases is a different colour. It usually doesn't have more than four pins or two switches.

    Check out the HP webside for a MoBo diagram, or there might be a jumper setting diagram in the case.

    Let me know if it is a laptop.


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