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yourdeadin, you have a pirated version, not an evaluated version as the only versions released were given to Ms betatesters and PDC testers. Now then, because I am a beta tester for Microsoft Longhorn, I'm going to have to ask you to either delete your copy or face being reported for admitting that you do have an unauthorized version.
hey pooh, but the question still remains that the evaluation version has win fx but not the fulll version . any way the long horn trail expired and i had to take it out of the system ( 14 days trail),well then i guess that's why they call it an evaluation version


1. They want Longhorn out in 2006, not 20010
2. After careful research they've decided that due to the AI-like nature of the WinFS, it will require a great demand of resources. They want to wait until computing power is at such a level that running WinFS will be no different today than say.. explorer.exe running at 20 megs of RAM. So, they are waiting for technology to catch up on coding ideas so WinFS itself won't be a hassel or resource worry by the time proper technology comes out.

my box has 1 gb of ram ,may be thats why i din't come to know the difference , the trail version just worked fine for me

but also look on the brighter M$ itself accepted that writing a virus For win fx is nearly impossible ,then may be big companies like M$ it self starts using Win FX