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Thread: Outlook 2003 Silent install script.

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    Outlook 2003 Silent install script.

    We are about to install outlook 2003 on ~100 XP machines.
    We use scriplogic to launch stuff, map stuff, and set stuff.
    I'm just looking for a way to incorporate outlook 2003 into this. I will also need a way to check to see if outlook is installed before trying to roll it out so I don't re-install it on any machines. I've searched for solutions with not much luck. Anyone have any advice?
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    Office Resources Kit got all the tool you need..

    For all my office installation, I use tool from this Kits and they are wonderful! Need to run a batch file on the target computer and under 5 minutes, I have Office XP Fully Patch install that would normally take 1 hour to install manually!
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