Well, as this is a family computer, everyone wouldn't like me installing Linux on instead of Windows. So i've done a bit of research and i know that you can have both Linux and Windows on one computer.

I have 2 options that i now know of:

1. put a version of Linux to a disk, then upload it when i'm on the computer. Then remove the disk, re-boot and hey presto, Windows is back on.

or 2. Install Linux, and use a duel booting process, which asks you wether you want to start up with Windows or Linux.

Number 2 seems a good way, but i'm unsure of how much memory Linux would take up? Because my computer is already a bit iffy with the amount of stuff on it, so i wouldn't want nothing clogging all the preciouse memory that is still left.

Number 1 is good, because that wouldn't require having to install it on the computer so it will take up all the memory. But i guess it's a bit of a hassle, but i dunno.

Anywhoo, how would i go about doing any of the two, and which one would be most appropriate? Or maybe there's another way?

Thanks for your time,

- Adam.