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    Nice...200,000 members considering that 199,900 have been banned..and 90 don't even show up anymore. Hey, what happened to yoursincyberspace? Did it ban itself?

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    [Offtopic & Irrelevant]

    LadyBug, 40 posts and all of this AP??? Good posting!!

    [/Offtopic & Irrelevant]

    [edit] better now? [/edit]

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    your right .. that sure was off topic and irrelavent heh

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    Mnstrgrl (sp?) said that we'd be able to see how many total members as well as other statistics when she implements our "stats" page.

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    Pruning back the database of dead users probably wouldn't be a bad idea, but I will put a $20 spot on it not happening. If you were to clean up that 200k member list it would probably drop to maybe 500 real posters, the rest just lurkers who came intially for the files area or to 'try to learn how to hack'. Unfortunately a set of forums with 500 posters and maybe 100 active posters doesnt sound nearly as inticing to potential advertisers as a "Massive security site with over 200,000 members!"
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    I like your sig Syini666. It's silly.
    /me dances around flamily.

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    Their is 60067 user right now! You can know by looking at the View Member List and going at last page.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    Hello, i'm me, unhappy with this site and do not wish to participate any longer.
    -- Please neg/ban/delete me.

    Thank you
    Roll Coll from ladybug ...

    what made you come back lady ?
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    Originally posted here by SDK
    Their is 60067 user right now! You can know by looking at the View Member List and going at last page.
    Then they must have trimmed the fat. I remember when JP still owned AO that there was a really big deal when the user base reached 100,000. I tried to search for the actual thread where JP announced this, but was unable to find it. I have never been very good at finding old threads since JM purchased this site. Maybe they are in an archive that our standard search can't use?

    <edit> I am also curious how Ladybug got so many APs from 40 posts. It had to be an alliance thing :P j/k </edit>
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    Originally posted here by 妯py展ght
    what made you come back lady ?

    She missed your subtle attempts at trying to pick her up....

    That's Officer 11001001 to you...
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