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Thread: Demand for Indepedent Security Consultants?

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    Demand for Indepedent Security Consultants?

    Putting together a business plan that would create a consultantcy that specializes in computer security for small businesses.

    I figure having a niche like this would be better than trying to be an "we can do everything" company.

    I have a background in being a sales engineer for 3 different software companies, but no certifications (just a college degree in business).

    My question is first, is having a security company a viable concept and secondly, what certifications/experience would be the best to get (and from where?)

    Thanks for any help.


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    as im working currently as an independent consultant, i can tell you that (here) guys take a look at your resume (curriculum vitae) first to see your experience and after take a look on your trainning /certification.

    These Certs will be appreciated:

    Cisco Certifications
    MS Certs
    *Nix Certs
    Programming knowledge
    Meu sítio

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