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Thread: An online tool -HJT Log analysis

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    An online tool -HJT Log analysis

    Stumbled on this one.. It may be helpful when checking a HJT log..


    The information will assist novices but Caution is recommended especially with the Caution reports.. I had iespell listed as a recommended to remove?

    How often have we had someone ask about lsass ...


    This link may work better if English is your primary lang:

    I Repeat the need for caution..

    just tested a few more logs through the site.. while it is correctly identifing suspect entries.. it is listing legit entries as sus or nasties.. so caution.. is recommended.. Pity the analsys cant be exported for evaluation.. certainly cutdown on the crap we wade through..
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    Lol me no speaky the doitch.

    Just found the English translation, not sure how upto date it is but i have bookmarked it anyway, thanks undies.
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    There are a few tools floating around that do roughly the same thing, with roughly the same results; namely erroneous results that will totally f*** up a novice user (meaning someone unfamiliar with HJT)

    I find it takes me longer to wade through a log with false results than it does to actually fix it. IMHO, I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

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    Could someone enlighten me to how a HJT log file is structured? (Never seen one before) I have written a program to wade through a Tiny Personal Firewall log, its somewhere on AO, and if I have the time I might rewrite something to go through other logs too. Just something on the side incase I'm bored one day...


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    this looks better in its presentation than many of its offline alternatives floating on net.

    personally I feel, manual analysis will be more accurate and better and it would be more better for newbies to recieve help from manual analysts for a more comprehensive help i cleaning their systems.

    I donot recommend these tools to newbies atleast for now and suggest them to feel free to post their logs in the website for a more foolproof solutions
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