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Thread: Physical Security Alert

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    Your hero is currently half asleep getting ready for work. Minimum wage, standing in a 90 degree building with no air conditioning, hoping I don't pass out on the floor. Why exactly am I your hero?

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    Heh, I popped in the paper clip, reached the bar that you slide for temp changes, and turned the air down. Cleaned up evidence, and got away with it. Then I shut the vents almost all the way in every room but mine so the house was warmer than my room, and it would stay on longer, successfully making my room nice and cool.
    LOL. 00-Gore.

    Its that why we need to have strong security on companies. There is more danger from ppl inside that from outside
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    Gore -

    Because I thought I was the only one who would go to such lengths for the sweet, sweet relief of artificially cooled air.
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  4. #14 you're like frickin' MacGuyver.

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    go to alt.lockpicking on usenet and try and ask a question about lock picking, if you get a reponse that doesnt accuse you of being a criminal outright then ill be amazed.

    locksmiths and locksmithing is a bit of a blackart and things arent widely publised on it, which is a sHame becuase locks are truely interesting, but once you have a lock and you can take it apart and figure out how it works theres no difficulty involved in defeating it anymore.

    It wouldnt surprise me if this trick has been know for years, i bet some clever locksmith figured this out weeks after it was released and the security services will almost surely of figured out how to defeat them but all information would of been kept close to there chests. It'll only of been recently that someone would of published something to get cretdiblity for them selves.


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    In the netherlands there is quite a large lock picking community

    they host workshops and sell tools..

    I've attended one of those semminars once.. Did manage to open two kinds (took hella long though)
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    Just received the following notice from one of my bike forum admins:

    Canton, MA September 22, 2004 - Kryptonite today announced that the company is offering free product exchanges to all consumers who are concerned about the security of their current Kryptonite tubular cylinder locks.

    At no charge to them, consumers will be able to exchange their current Kryptonite tubular cylinder lock for a Kryptonite non-tubular cylinder lock. Kryptonite will begin exchanging products within a few weeks as it accelerates product availability.

    "At Kryptonite, we understand the responsibility that comes with being the market leader. Since we learned last week about the possibility of compromising some of the industry's tubular cylinder locks, we have been working diligently to devise the best and most responsible solution to address the concerns of consumers and to meet the needs of our distributors and retailers," said Steve Down, General Manager of Kryptonite. "We decided to simplify and expand our planned product upgrade program so that we could expedite the process for consumers and eliminate any lingering doubt in their minds about their locks. Standing by our customers is the responsible thing to do for those who rely on our security products to keep their valuables safe."

    Kryptonite is offering a free product exchange to consumers who currently have Kryptonite locks using tubular cylinders. To participate in the free product exchange offer, consumers can visit the company's Web site at for registration instructions. As part of this effort, Kryptonite will initiate a swap program through direct communication with all of its distributors and retailers.

    Mr. Down concluded, "At Kryptonite, we constantly remind ourselves of our responsibility to lead and offer solutions - not excuses - that strengthen Kryptonite's relationships with consumers and channel partners. By instituting the most comprehensive program possible, we believe our company has again taken the lead in providing unprecedented customer support and service."
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    A friend of mine once had a Mini Metro. Very old and in a poor state of repare. He used it just to get back and forth to work. This thing was an absolute piece of crap, still road legal mind you.

    One night some mindles creatins tried to steel it. They chiselled around the lock untill the whole assembly was loose. What the hell they expected to achieve is beyond me. The frigging door was unlocked.

    My point is, it is not the lock that is important, it is the state that the door is in that is, along with the mind set of the people trying to get.
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