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Thread: MS is afraid of SUSE and not Redhat

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    MS is afraid of SUSE and not Redhat

    Interview with Martin Taylor - MS's chief Linux Strategist


    So you think, in the long term, Novell is your greatest Linux competitor? No question, because they have the best point-to-point stack from the kernel through to the application layer and things that go on top of it. Now the challenge will be [that] they're going to need to do stuff to differentiate themselves from Red Hat, which then means that they need to find ways to basically almost have a customized distribution. And you can end up with Linux not being Linux, but Red Hat Linux being different than Novell SUSE Linux, Debian Linux and Mandrake, or whatever the case is. We're already beginning to see some of that with how they're taking snapshots of the kernel, where the kernel is and putting it into their distributions.
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    Well they have a point here, You know red hat developed it self totally as a linux company and so slowly gained experience and effect to cater to increasing customers changing it shift from enterprise solutions and also diffrentiating its desktop comsumers with fedora. So it is nothing much of a challenge for microsoft rather than a big company selling linux as OS.
    Whereas Novell is already a established company , they know market and they know consumers , so for them selling linux will definitely have some solid punch to support there product as a solution for people's problem (same thing microsoft used when it launched windows).
    I'm not saying that red hat is anyway a less competent company, but my point is that when red hat started they had a view point of selling a safe , stable , secure OS to world and then developed there marketing and product presentation skills. whereas Novell as done its homework in this area and so ahs more chance of coming with tougher competion here.
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    Buahahahahahahahhahaha FEAR SUSE BITCHES!

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    I just knew that if the topic had SUSE in it ( in that frame of reference) that gore would be responding..

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    that's a given too.. lol..

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    Actually, I'd be surprised if Microsoft was "afraid" of any of its competition. They recently decided to give shareholders ~$40 billion, I doubt they are worried about disappearing. Consider they don't have the biggest problem that linux does have -- vendor support.
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