Hmm... Hello AO. How's everyone doing...? You can logically sum it up in your head and think to yourself, in order to answer that question. Think about how you are really doing before you actually reply, or don't reply at all unless you actually mean something.. Well, maybe you may want to manipulate someone, it's another story. I'm C.battery. I'm new here obviously, though I can't answer why I felt that I should let that be known. I guess I didn't have anything else to do at this moment in time, so I wrote this post. I'm 17, not new to computers, but new to the world of security, and learning new concepts. I'm sure that all of the knowledge that I can harness from this site can benefit my future exponentially. I've been reading books on TCP/IP, and after I get a stable concept of it, I shall move on to learning C, or one of it's variants for my first programming language. I'm overall, a considerate individual, logical, but for people who act foolish.. ie people with a (crab mentality)- Constantly trying to hold someone down, while pulling yourself up, only to be pulled down by another crab. It's a never ending circle.

Well yea, I want to learn Windows inside out, I want to know everything I can grasp and pull out of it. Not just for my benefit, but for people I know that run servers with it. I can't really help them much as I want to at the moment, but I'm learning. Ofcourse I've read Linux documents, and yes I agree that it Is more secure than Windows by far. It's also harder to learn, and one step at a time needs to be taken before you progress. I'll learn Windows, and move on to Linux. ...Might be great someday, but I'll never be a failure. Just an intro, it's C dot battery, fading.

Btw: If you reply, you've taken an illegal action.