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    ok so i just got my step dads computer back and i went out and bought a game and i put it it said i could install the game because it had some sort of install shield and it wouldnt let me install the drivers to run the game. I did find a program that was on the c drive titled "Installsheild"but i opened it up and couldnt understand anything. It must of been a list of drivers or something....... I need some help!!! Please.

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    please explain your problem a little better. What game are you trying to install? what are the system specs for the machine (including operating system)? What is the error message you are getting?
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    A little more info would indeed be nice... and be patient... there's no use in posting "Please?" replies to your own threads.

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    ok sorry guys my mistake i haven't wrote on this page in a while but i was trying to install command and conquer Generals and as it was seting up to install the drivers for the game it stoped half way and a message came up " 1647 unable to create install driver instance Return code -2147312566

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    install shield in this case maybe installed by some program or game installed earlier, what you can do is uninstall this shield from control panel(if it can be done) and see if your your install work after that
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    ok so i just got my step dads computer back
    Back from what? repair? upgrade?...............that might have something to do with it.

    Install shield is common software that ships with apps. It installs the app, the uninstall information and clears out temporary files. It should close/delete itself when it has finished

    Rider_Royal has a good may have had something that failed to install earlier.

    What is your operating system if it is XP or Win2000 you need to be logged in with an account that has the authority to load software.


    EDIT: OK I have just checked this machine, and I don't have installshield.exe anywhere on it. I didn't expect to find it as it should delete itself when finished. To be safe rename yours to installshield.txt and try installing your game again.
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