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Thread: How can I send variables from a PHP script to another URL?

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    How can I send variables from a PHP script to another URL?


    Please tell me How can I send variables from a PHP script to another URL using POST without using forms and hidden variables?


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    I believe the point of POST is to be hidden. Maybe you are looking for GET ?

    If you don't know what that is look it up in the documentation.
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    Thanks MoonWolf for your quick reply i will check and get back to you............

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    You would have to open a direct connection with the server you would want to connect to, and manually send the HTTP POST request containing the variables.

    Here's a small function which should be able to handle this.
    function post_page($host, $path, $post_data)
    	// Opens a connection to the server
    	$fp = fsockopen($host, 80, &$error_number, &$error_string, 120);
    	// Trigger an error if we failed to connect, else continue
    	if (!$fp)
    		trigger_error('Connection error: ' . $error_string . ' (' . $error_number . ')', E_USER_ERROR);
    		return FALSE;
    	// See how many bytes our POST data is
    	$data_length = strlen($post_data);
    	// Send our HTTP POST request to the server
    	fputs($fp, "POST $path HTTP/1.1\r\n");
    	fputs($fp, "Host: $host\r\n");
    	fputs($fp, "Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded\r\n");
    	fputs($fp, "Content-length: $data_length\r\n");
    	fputs($fp, "Connection: close\r\n\r\n");
    	fputs($fp, $post_data);
    	// As long as the server returns data, keep getting it in 1k chunks
    	$output = '';
    		$output .= fgets($fp, 1024);
    	// Close the connection
    	// Return any data returned by the server
    	return $output;
    The above function accepts 3 variables. The $host variable should contain the hostname of the server, ie "www.example.com" or "example.com" without the protocol or leading slash. The $path variable should contain the path to the script you want the data to be posted to. For instance, "/foo/bar/script.php" or "/cgi/process_this.cgi". Finally, the $post_data variable should contain a string which specifies the data you want to post. This is easier to explain by showing an example.

    For instance, if you would use the following function with the following $post_data value:
    The script you'd contact would have access to 3 POST variables called "variable_name", "variable_name2", and "variable_name3", with the values "value", "578", and "me" respectively.

    I have not tested the function, but it should work. If you have any problems, reply or PM me.

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