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Thread: Aaaaaaaaaaam here!

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    Fastest Thing Alive s0nIc's Avatar
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    Sep 2001

    Cool Aaaaaaaaaaam here!

    aaam here, for those who still remember me. i was one of da AOers that lost interest after we got handed to a new management.. its been what, 2 years? since i was here.. longtime.. so much to catch up... was lookin at Sweet_Angel's latest thread earlier. She mentioned how she wanna be in da conference, especially DefCon.. after readin dat, had this sharp stab in me chest.. made me remember how i always wanted to be in them kind of places.. work my way to be one of the best, ya kno.. ive been out of the security scene for like 2 yrs.. promise ill try to catch up. i see teo and ms.mittens knocked me off my #1 place in Top 10 Thread Starters lol. guess it was about time somebody did. but am determined to get dat rank back. and earn my spot with u guys.

    btw, whats the new IRC addy?

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    Well S0nic I think i've been around the two years you've been absent. I've nevered posted that much because i was always afraid to coming up with nonsubstational stuff. So since you were once the top poster what is your personal advice for a good post?

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    Making good posts has directions in the FAQs.

    Never start one on APs or we will kill you,

    Don't post crap threads that have no purpose to them other than post whoring,

    Don't post whore unless you're actually adding something useful to a discussion,

    Smart ass replies are usually OK,

    Never reply with "Me too!" or some other useless crap,

    Never reply with something someone else already said re-worded,

    Get a sence of humor

    Don't let me catch you saying anything bad about SUSE,

    Tutorials are generally very good because you pass on your knowledge of something to others, and generally they are appreciated,

    NEVER find a tutorial you did NOT write, and paste it here as your own work, you will get caught, even if it was in another language,

    Reply to threads you can help someone in, but if it's like 3 years old, don't bother

    Check the date on threads before you reply so you don't drag up a 3 year old thread unless they never got an answer...Even then it's sort of on the line

    Listen to Punk rock and don't talk **** about The Misfits

    DO NOT post non security related crap on a security forum when it belongs in GCC just to make it show up on the front page to everyone

    Use your sence of humor

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    Welcome back s0nic, i still remember you, even if we didn't talk that much !

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    ****.. has it been that long.. 2years.. maaaate!

    Mate we shud get the lations over wid a flagon or 3 ..

    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me http://www.cybercrypt.co.nr

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    I remember you, even though we didn't talk at all Welcome back and stay awhile.
    Space For Rent.. =]

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    heh i heard you vanished cause you started gettin sex0r :P

    welcome back matey - can't believe its been 2yrs....ugh and I'm still here >.< I need to get out more, gee thanks for pointing that out 柯


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    he was gettin sex0r'd ? for two years ? wow.. musta ended up in the hospital or sumthin..

    s0nIc.. I remember ya.. you might remember me if I were to tell you my old nick..

    then again, maybe not..

    anywho.. good to see you return.. we've had a few oldies that have come back in recent months. KorpDeath , [WebCarnage] and {P涯}Apocalypse come to mind.. I'm sure there's been others but you ain't alone..

    even a bad dog comes home once in a while.. hehehehehehe...

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    Greetings All:

    I remember none of you, so

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    But we remember you, so bring it on lol
    What happens if a big asteroid hits the Earth? Judging from realistic simulations involving a sledge hammer and a common laboratory frog, we can assume it will be pretty bad. - Dave Barry

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