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Thread: SPAM Bounty Hunters!

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    Thumbs up SPAM Bounty Hunters!

    "WASHINGTON (AP) -- What would it take to get someone to turn in one of those spammers who send millions of unwanted e-mails? At least $100,000, the Federal Trade Commission figures."

    It seems like there is now a bounty on the spam monsters! yay! This new bounty will benefit the society in two levels.

    1. help us rid of spam mailers!
    2. make us $100,000.00 richer!

    Tho reporting a spam mailer isnt as easy as 123, they have to be assessed on how much spam they sent and the frequency. the bounty is only up for those spam mailers that are notorious.

    More here...

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    It's a first step and definetly about time! Initially it looks like they are really interested in the folks that are employees of the deviant spammers, so they can gather enough data to put them in the bubba locker. But, I'm sure there will be plenty of assistance offered from all of us and maybe we can make some dough on it as well!

    Of course different reporters may put their own twist on what was actually said in the mtg, but if it's close - sounds great. I'm sure the gov't will put out a paper on it as well.

    Cash Bounties For Spammers Win Limited FTC Backing

    By Jonathan Krim, Washington Post Sep 17 2004 8:00AM

    The Federal Trade Commission yesterday gave limited endorsement to offering cash rewards to people who help track down e-mail spammers, suggesting that such bounties might work but in fewer circumstances than had been pushed by some anti-spam activists.

    The agency said that although Internet-savvy sleuths often can crack the technical disguises used by spammers to hide their identities and locations, the amount of information they could gather that would lead to successful prosecutions would be limited.

    Instead, the FTC said that if Congress decides to set up a bounty system, it should reward only whistle-blowers inside or close to spam operations, who could provide detailed evidence that would lead to the operations being shut down.

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    and there i was getting all happy, but it makes sense that their trying to draw out people that work hand and hand with the scum.

    The agency said potential informants probably would be people who work with the spammers or are close enough to have knowledge of their illegal activities.

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