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Thread: c++ in redhat

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    c++ in redhat

    Can anyone say me if there is C++ already packed with redhat 9 and how can I find it? I haveall 3 cd's of redhat I dunno how to install from CD if needed.

    Thanks in advance.

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    man g++ usually g++ filename -o filename.c
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    Manual is quite long. I have a book and i just want to know how to open compiler window and the rest I will go with the e book

    Thanks for quick reply

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    He just told you the command to compile a file. I think from your response that you are thinking of an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) where you have an editor, and can compile files by pressing on a button. g++ is not like that. It is just the compiler, so you'd have to create your files in another text editor (like vi, pico, gnotepad, etc.) and then (in an xterminal or at the console) type "g++ [source file] -o [executable name]"

    Here's an example using a made up file called myfile:

    [ac@ezranet]$ vi myfile.c
    ...write your source file in vi...
    [ac@ezranet]$ g++ myfile.c -o myfile
    (If there are no compile errors then:)
    [ac@ezranet]$ ls -a
    . .. myfile.c myfile
    [ac@ezranet]$ ./myfile
    (program runs)
    Hope that wasn't too confusing.


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    If you are talking about an IDE (Like Bloodshed DevC++) or something similar, try out KDevelop. Great software.

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    You know what i am getting sick and ****ing tired of you asking questions without, researching what so ever. You are right man is long. It is there to help people LEARN, how to do things.

    What are you going to want next someone to read your C++ book for you?

    Dude read up on your stuff before you ask your questions. We are not here to baby sit you!!!

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