I want to pose the question to the masses before I start building. Has any one else built there own laptop. I've recently read about Asus making what they call there whiteboxs. A whitebox is just another term for a barebone laptop.
Here is the article about the how to --> Building Your own notebook.

Here's ASUS site about there whiteboxes. ASUS

I've wanted a new laptop for some time now. Not only one to be for business but with enough raw power to play games in some LAN parties and what not.
I like Alienware's laptops although bringing one of them into a board meeting might seem outta place. I understand I do have other options as far as packaged systems but all for a nice fee.

So here is what i've put together for parts thus far.

Asus A3N/Z91 Centrino Notebook- 15 inch XGA w/CDRW+DVD/Modem/Lan/Card Reader/Camera

Intel Pentium M 755 2.0 GHz, 400MHz FSB, on-die 2MB L2 Cache

Hitachi 60GB 7200RPM Notebook Hard Drive, Model HTS726060M9AT00 PART# 08K0939, OEM Drive Only


This seems like a pretty nice set up. As of right now it'll run me about $1,938.00 plus shipping.
I'd like to have a removable graphics card though so I might try to reconfigure with a different whitebox for that when I get a chance. Let me know what you think?