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Thread: AP Error Again

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    AP Error Again

    I happened to see the a |3lack|ce's antipoint point assignment.It says that the person has

    given out 60% positive antipoints !!!.But isn't |3lack|ce a newbie and how on earth could he

    give out positive APS ????

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    He's got 71 posts and 2 green dots... more than enough to be able to give out AntiPoints

    It's not a bug, it's a feature! Moved to GCC.

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    60 percent of whatever he (she?) can give was given.. newbie or not, the system will still "give" it out. So even if the points are worthless, (no real points received) you still get them. Just as it was before the system was changed to allow for percentage adjustable points, a newbie can give out points to show appreciation but the actual points received may not add up to any points at all..

    hope that helps..

    /edit: neg, you beat me.. damn it.. but I think I explained it fairly well..

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    60 percent of whatever he (she?) can give was given.. newbie or not, the system will still "give" it out
    Didnt understand your post very well, just to make sure that he understands: The bar will not change if a user gives out a Grey dot (no points).
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    /me is confused. Why didn't you listen to Negative the first time he posted the answer? This isn't a bug. Negative answered you when you posted this in the "Oops A Bug" forum, just so ya know.
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