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Thread: Using alternative data streams to hide files on NTFS

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    Using alternative data streams to hide files on NTFS

    After doing a search for “alternative data streams” in the forums and seeing little information I was thinking of writing a tutorial on using them to hide files on an NTFS partition. Then I found H. Carvey’s article about it at http://patriot.net/~carvdawg/docs/dark_side.html and I’m not sure there’s anything I can add. Worth a look for those interested in this little used feature of NTFS. I may still write a tutorial about it, but I doubt it will be as in depth as this guys.

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    Hi Irongeek,

    I remember messing with that about 5 years ago..............I was booting NT4.0 SP3 at the time, so I guess it must be that long

    I was looking at potential security problems, like could it be used to transmit malware?............I only messed with it for a little while, but felt that although I could hide and transmit viruses, I couldn't figure out how to get them to run. I am no programming whiz or anything, but I do not recall anything that exploits this feature?

    From a positive security viewpoint I have used Scramdisk..............a nice "obscure" utility that is unlikely to be targetted


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    I'm not sure it could be used to transmit malware, but once it's on a system it can make it easy to hide it. Here is an example:

    First we make our file to hide behind
    C:\WINDOWS>echo Test>test.txt
    Next we put an EXE behind is, I'm just using notepad.exe because it is convenient.
    C:\WINDOWS>type notepad.exe>test.txt:note.exe
    Next we confirm what is in the text file when some one tries to open it.
    C:\WINDOWS>type test.txt
    Now we will confirm the file size, notice that adding notepad.exe as a steam did not increase it.

    C:\WINDOWS>dir test.txt
    Volume in drive C has no label.
    Volume Serial Number is 007E-2E3C

    Directory of C:\WINDOWS

    09/19/2004 08:37 AM 6 test.txt
    1 File(s) 6 bytes
    0 Dir(s) 19,734,708,224 bytes free

    Now we can run it. Notice the “.\” in from of the file name, this is necessary because start needs to know the path.
    C:\WINDOWS>start .\test.txt:note.exe


    You should be able to had just about any other EXE file if you wish.

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    Have You checked in on this thread?

    Alternate Data Stream - Hidden Files in NTFS

    And Merjin has a toool to assist in tracking Parasite software that uses ADS..

    info here: http://www.wilderssecurity.com/archi...p/t-46188.html

    direct d/l (24 KB) : http://www.richardthelionhearted.com...les/adsspy.zip

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    When I did my search of the forums I looked for "alternative data streams" not "alternate data streams", that's why I missed it. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

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    This thread was rank #4 in Google while searching for alternative data stream

    Good Job guy!
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    a little something i noticed while experimemting with ADS. if you zip a file that contains a stream the stream itself isn't archived. so if you archive a streamed file then overwrite it with the archived version you wind up with a clean file
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