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    changing .mdb extension

    I need to change the extension of a .mdb access file to .mmm so that my professor's AV or filter doesn't block it. How would I go about doing this. Thanks for any help.

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    what os ?

    in windows xp:

    Open up a folder, like my Documents. Go to Tools-> Folder Options-> click the View tab->uncheck the "Hide extensions for known file types" box, now just cright click the file u want to change, click Rename, then change the .mdb to whatever u want !
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    Why don't you ask your Professor to grant you permission .........

    How about Right clicking on it and rename it form test.mbb to test.mmm (after unchecking Hide Known File Extancions Menu option for the Tools)

    Or Go to Command Prompt Type Command Copy test.mdb test.mmm

    and many other

    But remember one thing it's not your network or computer it's the uni's and they make the rules there ................you break em and you get caught you are in trouble

    --Good Luck--

    [Edit ] As usual i am slow

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    Thanks alot guys for the quick replies. We have a new database professor that didn't really explain how to change the extension but told us we had to for it to pass through to his dropbox. That was easy enough. Later

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