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Thread: ?Free GMail?

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    ?Free GMail?

    Hay AO is there any GMail users on here that has any extra GMail acc sitten around...
    That would maby be willing to give me one...
    I have been searching for one and right now there is only one way to get one.
    I even bided on one on ebay but then i got outbided so i decided that, that would be a bad idea. Especially when i may not get it.

    So if there is any one on here that would not mind giving one away it would be greatly Appreciated....

    I have also tryed to get one from AO members that posted they were giving them out...But they got raided so i thought it would be rude to keep trying... so i gave it a while...

    If you want you can alos add me on AIM
    My ScreenName is jr05linux

    any offer is greatly appreciated...thx

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    PM me the addy you want one sent to.
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    I got 5 left, anybody wants one ?

    edit: i have 9 now ! Maybe even more, i have to check my other accounts to see if i got more invites.

    yes, yes i do have multiple account in gmail. why ? i use one for ****, one for business and one for personal e-mail !
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    wow.. you actually bidded for one on ebay .. thats rediculous

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    Yeah dude, we all have gmail coming out our ears. Moxy or c-r will help ya out.

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    In my opinion, I would say the Gmail Beta Phase is almost complete. Virtually everyone I know has a gmail account now - except those who are only online every 2-3 days. Invites are quite abundunt. 2 Months ago - I might have said differently.

    -If anyone needs an account - just PM me with your current email address. I have 6 invites left.

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    Why did you make a new thread for this? There are plenty of gmail threads here if you would of just searched. I have 24 invites if you or anyone else wants a couple. Just PM the address you want the invite sent to.
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    this is suppose to have invites coming in for you to, just check it regulary and enter your mail address...

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    When do you get the invites? I got my account yesterday but I havent gotten any invites yet

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    They give out invites at random now, because i use one of my accounts extremely and got invites but my other account i had for 2 days and 1 e-mail and got 6 invites, so depends if they like you or not
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