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Thread: Chibi, SD Anime - books & Tutorials

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    Chibi, SD Anime - books & Tutorials

    Does anyone know any good chibi (Super Deformed) anime tutorial sites on how to draw them? Or has anyone read any books on the subject they would recomend.

    Have been having problems finding any dedicated to the subject most are just kinda wee tit-bits about it thrown into sites/books about drawing regular anime.

    I know alot of the techniques are the same but there are some unique differences i would like covered in more detail



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    I used to draw a bit of chibi during my "OMG ANIME?!!!!" phase a couple years back in which I relentlessly downloaded and watched gigabytes upon gigabytes of fansubs. Gladly, I'm over all that now

    From what I remember, just draw two circles on top of one another. Bottom one is body, top is the head. I just gradually continue filling in details, keeping everything as simple as possible - then add detail. I tend to keep the hands and feet extremely simple and snubbed.

    If that isn't all you need, then I think PolyKarbon has a SD tutorial. Not entirely sure - but my guess it does.

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