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Thread: ALERT: A Level 10 Exploit has been released.

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    ALERT: A Level 10 Exploit has been released.

    This is an email i got from Dyagnosis (i think it's a members website here ) today !

    Dear MemorY None,
    ALERT: A Level 10 Exploit has been released.

    Published: 19.09.04
    Source: BUGTRAQ
    Type: remote
    Level: 10 - Remote root exploit on a major OS distribution.
    Description: It's possible to overflow buffer with AYT telnet protocol command.
    Affected products:
    FREEBSD:FreeBSD 5.0
    FREEBSD:FreeBSD 4.3
    OPENBSD:OpenBSD 2.9
    BSDI:BSD/OS 4.2
    NETBSD:NetBSD 1.5
    SGI:Irix 6.5
    SUN:Solaris 2.8
    LINUX:Linux netkit-telnetd 0.13
    SCO:OpenServer 5.0
    APPLE:MacOS X 10.0
    DEBIANebian netkit-telnetd 0.17

    More info, exploit and scanner HERE

    The link in the message doesn't work, can anybody shed some more info on this ?
    O.G at A.O

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    Its not listed on the bugtraq website at www.securityfocus.com as of right now

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    Where the **** is Windows OS?

    Sorry but it was too easy! I'm tired to death and I see this huge title in my RSS Feed Program! I'm sure a mega exploit was release for last week jpg patch of M$ but I came to see Windows is unaffected! WOW! That a change, it's for Unix/Linux!
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    Wait so this doesnt affect windows? Wow thats a first i swear. LOL


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    Well it doesn't affect windows, unless you install the netkit-telnetd on it
    Not all linux distros come with this telnet daemon..

    And who the **** has his telnet open to the world these days anyway..
    Edit your /etc/inetd.conf and comment out the telnet part..
    Restart your inetd...
    And feel safe again..

    Level 10 my ass..
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    the_Jinx, oh so very true, as always
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    The user 妯py展ght is talking about is dynagnosis
    The source of the email is from this website http://www.dyngnosis.com/
    on this page http://www.dyngnosis.com/Default.aspx?tabid=68

    I would recommend having a look at where his tutorials came from..

    and the links mentioned are internal at his website..

    * The contents of these coded instructions, statements and computer
    * programs may not be disclosed to third parties, copied or duplicated in
    * any form, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of
    * TESO Security. This includes especially the Bugtraq mailing list, the
    * www.hack.co.za website and any public exploit archive.
    Hmmmm I wonder if permission was given?..

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    Uhh... Aren't these rather old? (esp since they are dated 2001??)


    /* www.hack.co.za [23 July 2001]*/

    Date: 25/07/01
    I believe those two are actually from this CERT Telnet Advisory
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    Ok, so let's get this right, "copyright":

    - The "Level 10 alert" is about a remote exploit in telnet, which no sane administrator is running on the internet anyway (and most don't even run on LANs)
    - The info is over 3 years old

    I'd ask the people who run your "Private members only site" how they classify the alerts because it sounds a bit bogus to me.


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    Anyone thought that "Alert Level 10" might be the absolute lowest level.....
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