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    Bastard Monthly

    I'm bored so I started looking over my news feeds, and grabbed a bunch of stories I found interesting, and decided to do a little story thread for reading things I found online. Of course, feel free to post comments on stories, and discuss them, as this is the first ever "Bastard Monthly". From the BOFH of AO.

    Biggest Microsoft piracy in history:

    Gnome screen shots for 2.8:

    Gaim gets to version 1.0:

    About time is all I have to say about this. I love Gaim.

    Heh, everyone gets shot at by Microsoft:

    Mandrake 10.1 released:

    Linux can gives kids an edge:

    Haven't finished reading yet, but this should be good.

    Cute whining done by someone trying to set up systems for the incompetent:

    Something from the home team:

    Gnome Pimp slaps Windows, and puts a hit out on Apple:

    Another one from the home team: IBM released a new server Open Source ready:

    I've been looking at this, and I have to say they seem great.

    A new OS that can run on an OLD system with 64 KB of RAM:

    Man if I had something that old I'd test drive it for AO readers. *Hint hint*

    Read your Yahoo! Email in Mutt, and replace Fetchmail:

    For now, that is it. I guess I'm not bored anymore, and I have a bunch of stories to read, so I'll check back after some of you have had time to read this stuff.

    LOL, if I do get bored like this, maybe I'll do another one of these, maybe. Not sure how well this will go yet, so give feed back. I don't want to seem like some glorified news caster, I'm not. I'm just a bored bastard Operator From Hell.

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    Hmm nice little bundle of articals. It should keep me busy with reading for a while. But yea I would be more interested in another Bastarts sys admin story.

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