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Thread: linux sucks

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    linux sucks


    I bought a ol machine( PIII 700Mhz+64MB SDRAM) initially intend to learn linux though I am not so linux newbie..on and off 1 year on linux.

    I tied to install redhat9......it says not enough memory to install redhat

    I tried installing suse9.....it says not enough memory to install yast.

    Itried installing windows 2000 and happened to be installed on the fly

    No... hell no.. that box was originally bought to install linux, Is there anyway to install or linux sucks !!

    Is there anyway(options) to partition for swapfile while installing Linux distros?OR shall I partition using win2k with PMagic coz they really rock !!!

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    Try freebsd, i have a laptop with 32mb RAM and p1 with X(graphical enviroment) and freebsd 4.8 , or try slackware if you are deadset on linux. Both distos you picked are very big n bloated, you will also learn more with slackware/freebsd.
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    step off those nice GUI-installer linux distros, they will keep you pointing and clicking so you won't learn linux how you're supposed to be.

    Try some commandline based distros like Gentoo, Slackware, *BSD, ... You will be able to partition very simple via fdisk for example. And you'll actually learn something.
    I'd suggest Gentoo ( No not because its me ) but for its great forum and documents support. But thats just IMHO.

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    SlackWare installs fine on boxes that are low on memory..

    I have installed (slackware 9.0) on a P90 (yeah that's 90Mhz) with 32 MB (ram) and even had X working (not KDE though )
    I'm still running (slackware 10) on a P2 300 with 64 MB..

    So your box is more then suited to run a linux distro..
    (it's just that the graphical installers of both SuSE and RedHat want some more mem to function)

    SlackWare uses cfdisk for partitioning and allows you to add the swap partition before installing..

    So it's not linux that sucks, it's YAST and that RedHat rpm install thingy that suck !!

    On the other hand, mem comes cheap now, so adding another 64 might not be a bad idea anyway..
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    I'm with Shrek on this one [and no, not because I use Gentoo aswell ]. But installing it and getting it to work helped me learn a lot more then RedHat would've managed. It's not all emerge world as some would think... I find it to be closer to a pure Linux distro than most others are.

    And I find it rather immature of you rajunpl to say that Linux sucks just because you are having a hard time getting it to work. As it has been pointed out you're far from testing out all your options... I'm not sure what you want to use the computer for and what the sys.req.s for Desktop Enironments are, but you could stick to just a window manager if you want increased 'velocity'... like XFCE or FluxBox... but relax, you can definitely install lin on your box.

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    I find ppl in AO are great, thanks guys can anyone let me know where can i find BSD in UK I can't download coz my dsl is damn slow it might take 2 weeks can anyone advise me faster way.

    lot lot lot of thanks

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    ops! forgot 1 thing. i have gentoo but it's live cd..how can i install it full hard disk??

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    I'm glad people got to this before me Seriously.

    And all of the advice they've given you, from trying Slackware instead to even upgrading to 128 megs of RAM (THAT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ANY OS), is wise advice that I would heed.

    As for obtaining ISO files, even DSL is faster than 56k, so just download the files. It won't take you weeks, and if you use a download manager (http://********right.com) then you can download it huge files without worrying about being disconnected and having to start all over again. Get right will download the file for you, and if it is ever interrupted, it saves the parts it does have, and then you can start it right back where you left off.

    http://www.linuxiso.org/ -- plethora of iso files. download to your hearts content

    For your computer speed, any linux OS is going to run damn well. The only thing holding you back is your RAM. So, for your current configuration I recommend slackware or gentoo. Slackware is very lightweight and simple to work with (it won't hold your hand, so think of "simple" in terms of easy to comprehend) and gentoo is also lightweight. Both will help you learn alot about Linux and it's capabilities. However, I recommend starting with slackware before gentoo merely for the sake of getting your feet wet. After you have a few of the commands down and understand the basics of Linux, give gentoo a shot. Otherwise you will just be following an instruction manual for gentoo that you don't understand, and thus won't learn from.

    When it comes to XWindows (your window manager, like gnome and so forth), I recommend either Fluxbox or XFCE4 for your file manager. Think of fluxbox as a trimmed-down-slimmed-down-minimalistic interface, and XFCE4 as a thinned and calorie free version of gnome. Both should run decent on that amount of RAM.

    IF you have ANY questions about setup, installation, configuration, and general use of Linux don't ever hesitate to ask. We are more than willing to help people learn, but if you call anything "stupid" again just because you don't understand it, I'm going to have to pull out the katana

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    i downloaded 2 iso files for slackware 9 when i was on 56k and to download both of them .. prolly 1.1 gig all up it took 4 days downloading while i was at work and sleeping .. so it is not that long at all and it is worth it .. ... slackware is great

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    Declaring "linux sucks" because of the limitations of some third party's installer is unfair in the extreme.

    First, Linux is a kernel not an OS. Secondly, if you're talking about the GNU/Linux tools and systems, no such 64mb memory exists. I have a 24mb machine running Linux, and I've run it with 4mb before now. Current kernels will boot on a 4mb x86 system provided they're built correctly (i.e. small enough).

    You are jumping to conclusions.


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