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Thread: Changin limit`

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    Changin limit`

    any one knows how 2 change the limit in shell , if i have root axs ?? i tryed ulimit -n .. but its not working , m trying 2 open ircd in it that can handle upto 20k users ...

    btw if someone have agood company that sells root of FreeBSD / Linux , i will be verry happy 2 know them ..

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    Why isn't it working? What are (if any) the error messages?
    AFAIK root always has full access and is unlimited (by default).

    Check /etc/login.conf.
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    are you saying you can't support 20k parallel users? and you think this iss associated with `uimit` because of the number of open file descriptors? are you getting an error that you're going off of, or are you just punting?

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