Match wits with a cheerful yet sardonic, smartass. Not easily impressed. Combat proven US Marine turned computer geek. Dont let the uniform fool you! Captain Aquarius, who still, at times, loves to "hang" and do the couch thing, but yet, gets BORED with the garden variety, artless, uninspired female and the normal computer browsing behavior.

During the off time? Anything that moves fast - I have a license for, either from the DMV, FAA or CompUSA. Although, with the right woman, I couldn't imagine playing a game of chess, infront of the fireplace, while having an aged Frascati, could be better than flying an F-14, ballistic, into the unknown...although, then there is that internet and the extraordinary website deserving a closer look.

I am as intellectually stimulating as highly intelligent, witty, humorous and sensitive, plain simple fun, no matter what I am wearing!

I don't "fight quick battles". I will leave that to the miserable, unhappy, and sexually frustrated men and women out there. I am all the way - and if all the way means "watching the sun go down - and rise again", be prepared to "travel far".

I am fully aware that I am very unique. Which means you should be equally indifferent. As WE are the truly gifted ones in this world. As being me is not just a matter of fantasy or fetish - but true passionate reality! Charged by neurons, which are fed by lust, visions, and an untamable desire to explore the universe...

ok, so much for the intro, got bored - what can I say?