connects to a other web page of search
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Thread: connects to a other web page of search

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    connects to a other web page of search

    whenever i tryp in aurl in my explorer it searches some other site n to remove

    it turns into
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    My guess is that you have some kind of spyware/browser hijacker. Look in the tutorials section of this site for how to get rid of it. Try Spybot Search and Destroy or Adaware to remove it. Baring that, run Hijackthis and post the log it generates here before you attempt to remove anything.

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    Go to Internet Options. Tab Advanced.
    Somewhere there it should mention "Search from the taskbar".
    Don't let IE search from the taskbar.
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    Spyware has weedled its way onto your hard drive like an lecherous boss round the new secretary at an Xmas office party.

    Removing the unwanted pest involves (usually):

    Install and run a spyware killer -

    - Search and destroy -
    - Hijack This -

    Then patch your machine (!) -

    - Windows update:

    THEN install a firewall -

    - I recoomend zone alarm - am sure opinions will vary dramatically (waffle waffle ) -

    Shoo nasty pest -
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