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Thread: WinXP Question

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    WinXP Question

    I have two questions here. First is how can I enable/disable drivers that load during system startup? Unlike Windows 9x, msconfig in WinXP does not show the drivers. Is there third party tool that can do this job? Second is how to remove the service that shown in services.msc? I do not want it to be just disabled, but also to remove it as sometimes some programs may not be able to uninstall and left the service entry there even though I deleted all files assoicated with the program.

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    Not quite what you are asking for but try

    WinPatrol from BillP studios.

    It lets you manage startup items, disable/suspend or delete them.

    I would strongly recommend that you disable things first then run your machine for a few days before deleting them, just incase some of them are shared


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