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Thread: Using 'remote desktop tools' like VNC behind a router

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    Using 'remote desktop tools' like VNC behind a router

    I have a wireless router sharing the internet connection, my personal computer is running VNC, I would like to access the VNC outside the wireless lan, but the problem is how to access the personal computer.. I have read about port-redirection, and I assume that the router have the possibilty of port-redirection. (54mbt D-link)
    Can anyone help me about the concept off 'port-redirection'?

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    Post Simplisticly speaking...

    The port mapped on your router's Wide Area Network IP address is directly mapped to the same / or different port of an internal IP address.


    Router seen by Internet as
    You have a PC on the Local Area Network with IP
    You have a Web server on the Local Area Network with IP

    You would want to map directly to for HTTP traffic.

    Learn more here. The whole Network Address Translation explanation starts several pages back, here.

    Static NAT is what you're after. Note the ports (:80) need to be included but aren't in the examples on these pages, however, they should give you an introduction.
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    Simon's got it right - for VNC, if I'm remember correctly, the ports you'll want to map are 5800 and 5900, but you'll want to double check those. I'm assuming that you have logged into your routers setup in the past, so I'm hoping you're at least familar with changing it's setup and what not. Have a look through the configuration of the router so that you can see where those port mappings can be changed.
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    Thanks! I will try to setup the router soon, thanks again..

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    You may also want to look into using a dynamic DNS service, so you can map a name to your routers IP. I use http://www.dyndns.org/ , itís free and it works well. That and port forwarding make it easy for me to use Remote Desktop from work to home so thereís no reason it should not work with VNC (unless those ports are firewalled somewhere along the line).

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