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Thread: Burner problem

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    Currently at work.. so i am unable to spend too much time..

    It seems your system is recognising the drive as a ROM.. Generic SCSI ..this could be a problem ..worse if it isn't SCSI.. (I would suspect that the Interface /firmware has died... and the only reliable test would be with the drive in another machine)

    but to go through the motions..

    The section you have listed is the one I spoke of..

    Right Click the Drive and select Uninstall..then OK..
    Restart the machine..

    Recheck the listing in the device manager.. what have we got now..? if it is still listed as Generic SCSI DVD ROM.....dunno.. my suspicion is more toward the drive..-The SCSI bus will Identify the drive? wont it? ..now if you don't have SCSI Devices on the machine.. you could have a different problem..


    will post later when I am fre from the salt mine..
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    I will try what you have listed. It is not SCSI, nothing is. Everything is IDE. I dont think it should be DVD either..

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