The probelm SEEMS to be that I can no longer log in to our exchange messener while in terminal server.

The details:

-I also cant check my exchange email via the web access, but can access it through outlook.

-When logging into messenger It will sign me in then after a second or so boot me out. We know this becasue 1 person in the company can log in and stay in (she also is the only true admin on the server) and it says that i logged in then it signs me off.

-I CAN log in while not in terminal server.

-problems are effecting everyone but the one of 2 admins, but they cannot see eachother when signed in.

-I can sign into a .net account while in terminal server with no problem.

-we are using 5.0 now but the problem start when we had 4.7

What we have tried:

-deleteing and re creating accounts

-uninstalling and reinstalling messenger

-updating version of messenger

-rolling back rolling back version orf messenger

-remove and recreate IM virtual server in Exchange

-create a dedicated virtual website for the IM virtual server

-uninstall IM feature in exchange, reinstall IM server feature, re-applied exchange 2k sp3 and post sp3 fixes.

any and ALL ideas are welcome at this point. even if it is a tiny and obvious detail, let me know.