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    I was reading about viruses , trying to figure out how they work etc... , I wish to find out if there exists a file or a program that will detect viruses. not the anti virus program itself. Some small program that will detect viruses. This is because, I am dong some research on how to speed up the entire process of detecting the viruses .

    P.S: this is only for academic purposes.

    Sorry for posting in the wrong forun, I should have posted it in antivirus discussions.

    For negative: can you plaese move this thread.


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    Try ClamWin, there is an option to detect a virus and not remove it. Right now, most AV products use signature based detection methods, and a little heuristics. It sounds like you are looking for a heuristic tool, but those aren't very powerful yet from what I hear.

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    Here's a nice looking link...google's so fun really
    It describes how most AV's detect viruses...it's mostly signatures AFAIK..as Soda said...heuristics tends to give you a lot of false positives

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