Doe's anyone have expierence with VPN's that could help me out here?
I have VPN tunnels that go from remote sites back to our co-lo site all tying into a Cisco 3005 concentrator. The problem i'm having is when I bring up a new machine at a remote site and try to add it to the domain it fails saying it can't contact the DC. I can ping the domain controller all day long by name and IP. The firewall logs show no denys of any type but it does show netbios traffic going to the domain controller but it never goes back out. It's not a routing issue because I can ping it so it has a path back plus other applications work fine. I've also checked the route table of the DC and it has a persistant route back to the inside interface of the concentrator for 10.16.4.x traffic.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.