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Thread: Gentoo users getting pissed

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    Gentoo users getting pissed

    Some of you may remember me talking about Yoper. Well, Gentoo users certainly have been pissed off about it lately, and it seems they start flame wars. Anwyay, here is a nice interview with the head developer of Yoper. A nice little OS:


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    I also find the flamewars between different distros very disturbing, since they are counter-productive to my personal mission in life, which is to unseat the Microsoft monopoly.
    Amen to that!..............as it says in the Good Book, "a house that is divided against itself will surely fall"

    Thanks (again) Gore

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    I guess I'll DL this baby and see what the deal is... as I am a Gentoo user. It does seem a bit dumbed down, but I guess it's all dependant on what you need to use it for. In my case Gentoo has proven to be a great learning tool so far [and I managed to not break it ] so I'm sticking with it... I'll run Yoper on VMWare and get back to this thread with the appropriate flaming [well, not really, just some criticisim if it's due]

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