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Thread: routers and rule-based packet-filtering

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    routers and rule-based packet-filtering

    My hope is to replace a dedicated PC-firewall/router with a wireless router, but it appears that today's "home" routers don't typically allow flexible packet-filtering. For instance, the Netgear WGT624 can't be taught to block any ICMP packets. After purchasing the WGT624, I called Netgear and confirmed this was the case.

    Can anyone recommend a [wireless] router with robust support for user-specified packet-filtering?

    The dedicated firewall only provides configuration access via console. Are routers configured via any of their ethernet connections? Is this a security issue?


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    Not sure about ICMP but the Netgear 114P? Wireless Router gives much more granularity that the less expensive one's, (it's almost $200). It allows for ingress filtering, (port forwarding), and egress filtering rules. It can be managed, like nearly all other recent routers through http or https on rht eLAN interface or, if you so desire, it may be remotely administered through the WAN interface. It logs to syslog, (nice), and generally is a more "capable" router then the lower end ones.
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