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Thread: LAN internet in SUSE 9.1,... no access?

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    Unhappy LAN internet in SUSE 9.1,... no access?

    Hi all,

    Yesterday I installed SUSE 9.1 personal linux with windows XP SP2 dual boot option.
    About installation I installed it with basic setup means I didn't change anything in installation screen except for time-zone and default boot OS. Installation was without and disturbance very smooth.
    I access internet via LAN connection from my ISP (i.e. Cable from my NIC card to there local hub), and for authorization cyberoam client by elitecore is used.
    Now problem is that i entered my IP address , netmask and default gateway in corresponding boxes in YAST2 as asked . I also checked it by both ifconfig command and # cat /etc/resolv.conf (i found these commands on suselinux forums helpcenter.
    now I can ping my card with no problem but I can't ping my server and gateway(both are same),it says network unreachable despite being no problem in windows.
    Also i have downloaded cyberoam client for linux but in its readme: it is asking for make command whereas client properties show that it is a executable file. I have man pages for make command but still no idea what to do?
    Also tried 24houronline client for linux ,with following steps:

    1. copy client exe to /root folder
    2. Be super or Root user
    3. do chmod 755 /root/24onlineClient
    4. at #prompt type : 24onlineClient -s
    1. It will ask you for AskonExit: type y
    2. it will ask for AutoLogin: type n
    3. it will ask for ShowNotification: type y
    4. It will ask for server ip address: type or whatever is 24online server ip address.
    5. Then run at # prompt this line : /root/24onlineClient -u username (username means whatever username you have created in 24online GUI) like manager, administrator ..etc
    6. It will ask for password. (password is case sensitive) make sure about casename.
    7. and Last type Enter. it will login.
    8. You can check instance of 24online Client running by command at #ps -ef
    9. You can Logout by typing command as #/root/24onlineClient -l

    Now here problem is that when at prompt I type :24onlineClient -s ,It simply wotn' ask for anything? So how to tackle this problem?

    I have searched google but no help so far. Any help?

    My card is realtek 8139 and I'm complete newbie to linux except for basic commands and I have installed suse to learn linux, so any help will is highly appreciated. Thanx

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    Try this:
    # pwd
    /root                   # Make sure you're in the right dir
    # ls -l 24OnlineClient
    -rwxr-xr-x root root 1234 24OnlineClient      # make sure atleast root has x (execute)
    # ./24OnlineClient -s
    On *nix the current directory isn't part of the path as it is on windows. You have to preceed the command with a ./ (dot forwardslash).

    Also what does netstat -rn tell you?
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    Generally with Cable, you use DHCP. Try setting up DHCP to get an IP and things like that.

    My LAN in my room:

    HP Pavilion Pentium 3 733 MHz 384 MB RAM, Nvidia Riva TNT2, Sound Blaster Live! 43 GB HD, running Windows 2000 Professional / Slackware

    Medion running SUSE 9.1 Professional, Intel 2.40 GHz, 512 MBs RAM, 128 MB Nvidia Ge Force FX, 80 GB HD

    Compaq Presario running Slackware 10, AMD Athlon XP 2600+ @ 2.13 GHz, 512 MBs RAM, 120 GB HD,

    Dell Inspiron 5150 Laptop, Intel Pentium 4 3.06 GHz Mobile, 512 MBs RAM, 15 inch screen, Nvidia GE Force FX GO 5200 with dual monitor output, running SUSE 8.2 Professional and Windows XP home

    D-Link Router too hook all machines up into my Motorola Router which is connected to WAN, 3.3 MBs a second.

    I have DHCP enabled to grab IPs as needed.

    My Mom's machine is also connected via a 50 foot Cat5E cable which reaches all over. Her's runs Windows 2000 Professional, and sometimes Linux. Which I showed her how to use.

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    Thanx for response.
    This is what i get from netstat -rn command
    ip gateway netmask ** *****
    xx and so on
    also a entry of loopback

    Now here problem is that ip address shown above is not what I entered , it is something like if I enter ,it showed And also gateway entry is .

    So I don't understand it, when i looked in properties of network card through yast it shows exactly what i entered.

    And Gore thnak you also but i talked to my ISP and they say i can only have static ip address as it is binded to my MAC address(for security reasons). SO no help in this area.
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