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Thread: mirc/irc privacy

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    mirc/irc privacy

    Ok, I am not wishing to do anything wrong or even remotely close. I use irc a LOT with the software Mirc. My isp is 99% of the time spelled right out and not numeric and my isp is a very uncommon one. Therefore, (and only those who irc a lot might understand where I am at with this ) if I wish to just kind of start over .. unknown to anyone in any channel, I cannot, because my isp is so rare it is ALWAYS known that it is me. Is there ANY easy way ( for a newbie) thru Mirc to just always have my isp be numeric instead of something like this >>>>>
    @uPzclv-nx010.cecomet.net ? It happens now and then on its own, but its too rare an event and I want numeric all the time. Thanks for any help.

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    That is all handled by the server. And it will be the same for each server you visit (but unique on the separate servers). Some might even have all numbers. Anyway, one thing you can do is IRC through a socks5 proxy. Google for "socks5 proxy list". First couple results should be fine. You just plug one of those in the settings for I think firewall on mIRC, but it's really just a proxy, and next time you connect it will show the Proxy's info instead of yours for the address. You could also express your concern to one of the admins on the IRC network and maybe they will assign you a vhost, which can be anything you want I believe. Something like i.love.irc. Hope you get it figured out. Peace.

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    You can try using a proxy for your IRC...

    But then you have to trust whoever is running the proxy (I wouldn't). It depends on the server (from what I hear) for them to hide your IP.

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    What you are seeing is probably the PTR or reverse dns entry for your IP.
    You are who you are IP wise. Unless you proxy or bounce off of somewhere else.

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