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    Windows Symbolic links

    How do i create a symbolic link in doze? (xp sp2) home edition NT5.1

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    you mean: "right click", "new shortcut", "<enter path>", "<enter>".

    guess you mean this. otherwise let me know...

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    Windows does not have hard links, only symbolic links, and like lepricaun said, to create a link, you simply create a shortcut. An easier way to do it (as in you don't have to type in the path yourself) is simply to right click and drag the file, then select "create shortcuts here"

    The closest you get to a hard link in windows is just copying the file.


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    no im not retarded, in the shell guys (dos)

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    shortcut from the resource kit will do the trick.

    i've searched for default tools (that are shipped with windows), but haven't found any, this is
    suppose to be the way.

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    thats what i needed, thanks

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    i'm glad it helped you

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    Actually, NTFS can have both hard and Symlinks that are
    different from shortcuts.
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