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Thread: Stop adware, pop ups, hackers! free fast

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    Stop adware, pop ups, hackers! free fast

    go to


    it is a free tutorial put up by myself. I wanted to make it to the point and effective. See how I did!

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    Why not post the tutorial on here if you wrote it yourself?

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    So you spam the **** out of our page with your **** about stopping spam? 3 posts and they are all the same.

    *Lights up a smoke*

    Stop smoking now!

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    oh come on man, I posted on 3 to get the word out to ppl who may stay only on one forum, 3 posts who give a hoot. Everytime I try to post this stuff ppl have to act to negative ...geesh...


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    Okay, your information is lame, repeative, and does not qualify as a tutorial in any sense. Telling a user to not use IE is not an acceptable solution. Telling someone not to use KaZaA is just as retarded.. why not educate the user in prevention rather than sacrafice....

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    Ok it goes like this: hackers and spammers are trying to either advertise products or take over your accounts on your computer.
    actually thats not hackers - the people you are talking about
    "take over your accounts on your computer" are more accuratly described as crackers

    4. Never use Kazaa - This program commonly carries viruses in their songs, such as spyware.
    ummmm the songs dont belong to Kazaa - Kazaa relies upon a network of users each of which is running their own (semi)server - this decentralised network is why Kazaa has not been prosecuted (like the original Napster) - plus as far as I know the most common music files (.mp3 .wav) dont carry any virii

    5. To get rid of unwanted programs - Sometimes hackers and spammers install casino games or weather bugs etc.. To take these out (spybot should get rid of these anyways) you need to right click on them and either turn them off, disable them, uninstall them if you can or go into options and tell it not to start up when windows starts up.
    vast majority of spyware or malicous programs do not have a disable option. Or many may have such an option but continue to collect information even after the user thinks they have disabled them (false sense of security!?) this means your privacy is being breached and they may still be taking up resources.

    Now that you have everything you need, first delete any traces of internet explorer you can find
    even tho it is heavily integrated into most modern Windows OS (eg XP) - oh well you really didn't need anymore windows critical updates anyways ¨_¨

    Delete Kazaa and all its files (if you have it).
    I agree that you should delete kazaa but not for the same reasons - i think you should just because the network is now filled with crap...yes the kazaa installation is filled with spyware but after you ahve cleaned your system why get rid of the program which is causing no harm. And as for deleting all the files you have recieved through it - well what if you are downloading .txt, .mp3, .jpg, .htm, .html, .gif, .png or basically any other file exstension which cannot contain malicous code should you get rid of them!?

    Now run spybot (click check for problems) it may have to do some things like immune the system first, thatís fine just wait for it. Then when it done searching (click fix selected problems). You may want to restart your computer after doing this. Now run ad-aware, click scan-smart system scan. You may want to restart your computer after doing this to finish the process.
    what about a safe mode scan? or you just going to leave those file sin use when you run the scan??

    am sorry but this article (i cannot call it a tutorial in good faith) is seriously lacking - what about prevention of infection? what about common types of spyware? what about the uses of spyware? what about how information gathered is used? etc etc etc

    come on mate if your gonna make such a fuss over somthing you ahve written at least do it right!


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    From the Acceptable Use Policy:

    You will not post advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or solicitations, all of which are inappropriate and prohibited in the Forums. You will not, furthermore, collect personal information about forum members for the purpose of sending them any such advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or solicitations through other means (email, messaging programs, etc.).
    From the Legal Notices:

    In connection with your use of the Site, you agree you will not:

    g) Post or transmit any unsolicited advertising, promotional materials, "junk mail", "spam," "chain letters," "pyramid schemes" or any other form of solicitation or any non-resume information such as opinions or notices, commercial or otherwise;
    Plain and simple. Once is enough. 3 times is spam.
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