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    Exclamation I Have To Share This ...

    We have just had a clean out of our Defintive Software Library and binned lots of floppy disks. The cleaner pulled them out of the bin and tried to give me a lecture!

    He said "You're not supposed to put these (floppies) in there (the bin), they must be put in the confidential waste.

    My response was "They only contain software that's so old it's of no use to any one!" I added "They do not contain any data, hence the reason they haven't been destroyed!"

    He attempted to recover his pride by stating "Yeah, I've caught some other staff not destroying disks properly and I always break them in half."

    So I told him "That's a start, but do you realise that the data can still easily be recovered after just breaking them in half?"

    Now this is the best bit....

    His response was "Not if you destroy the cookie on them properly!" RAOTFLMAO

    I told him to go out of the office and read the name from the door sign and tell me what it says (Technical Support). When he returned I educated him, well, after I had stopped laughing!

    This is the best one I've ever heard. It even beats the time when I informed someone their new password was "Friday," and they then asked me "Is that this Friday or last Friday?" lol
    Tomorrow is another day for yesterdays work!

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