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Thread: Conflict: VMware + Office

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    Conflict: VMware + Office

    Sorry bout the forum but couldnt find a better spot.

    ok, i installed VMware the other day, some of you might remember some posts about it in other threads, and hence after, my computer seemed quite normal. today i opened office, played around with a few features (not all) just to test - and whenever i wanted to print, or insert a symbol, word would stop responding. (those two items are the only ones i tried and failed)

    this seemed very strange and had noticed a few weird happenings with other programs, so i did the full scan of my system (adware/virus etc) - nothing. so i started going through my registry in the startup and anywhere else i bothered to look, nothing once again. however, i did remove some miscelaneous items with regcleaner, but thats nothing unusual.

    comming out empty handed, i rebooted the machine (again ) and before i touched ANYthing, opened word, tried those functions, still same problem.

    Opening the process list, i found several things quite odd. a few system processes all starting with vm.... so promply wondering why VMware services were running, when there was nothing in the registry or startup for it to happen. please note these processes were running after a cold boot and VMware was not initiated. so i removed it and its key id. reboot.

    everything works fine.

    so i was wondering if there are any conflicts between office and vmware that are known, and why it would have causes such a fuss on my computer. its XP pro w/ office 2000. no service pack that im aware of, and a few hotfixes.... (my work computer) which are from before i started here, as i stopped the updates asap.

    Anyways, just a heads up i guess for anyone else out there

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    i have win xp pro, office xp, vmware 4.5. no problems here.

    vmware install some services to speed up the virtual machices execution. they will start on windows boot. it also install some system drivers to handle (emulate) the virtual hardware.
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