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Thread: firewall source code please ?!

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    firewall source code please ?!


    does anybody have the source code of a fire wall

    please attach it here,

    i don't want it really complex .

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    Visit Netfilter/iptables project homepage to get the source of iptables.

    Or use this Google search. You might want to invest into some time and learn how to use the power of Google to find simple stuff like this.
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    Source code of a firewall and not to complicated? Now here's a contradictio in terminus...

    Download any of the Linux distro's. They all include several firewalls.
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    Technically you're not going to find the source code to a Windows software "Firewall".

    Win32 software firewall makers closely guard their source - their techniques for hooking the win32 network layer are fiendish and complicated. Their actual firewall logic is probably really simple by comparison.

    The Linux netfilter framework is built in (Kernels 2.4+) - almost all Linux firewalls use it as it's the most straightforward way of doing things. Iptables based firewalls certainly work over netfilter.

    The exception to both of these (I believe) is Checkpoint, which I believe effectively "takes over" all IP functions from the host OS, essentially replacing its whole IP stack rather than attempting to hook the existing one.

    (In case you don't know, Checkpoint are the makers of the popular expensive commercial dedicated firewall "FW1")


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    No... He is just after software for his website.. We do the work he wants the glory
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    public class MyFirst App {
    public static void main (string[] args) {
    System.out.manualy ("pull Network<>modem cable);

    =firewall most effective.

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    there is no glory in that particular website. I've seen better hacker sites designed by a 12 year old skiddy.

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    heh apparntly yahoo didn't like hosting virii. it doesn't seem to be there anymore.

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    for my glory?????
    what kind of silly **** like that did you see on my website

    give me one example and i will keep my mouth shut
    all what my website is offering is help for peaple who need help

    if you don't like it so stay away

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    apparently my website was banned

    happy now !!

    that's it

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